About Vesta Capital Group

Vesta Capital Group LLC was founded in 2018 by real estate investor Paul Sammons. Vesta Capital Group is committed to identifying great apartment building investments opportunities and bringing together investors who also want to invest in real estate.

Vesta Capital Group strives to be a source of trust, integrity, and strong returns for our investors. To achieve this, we:

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with key investing partners such as real estate brokers, property managers, mortgage brokers, and attorneys.
  • Underwrite properties conservatively to set realistic expectations and to ensure that properties are purchased at a price that will allow the investment to endure market downturns.
  • Add value to property through capital improvements, expense reduction, efficient systems, and rent raises.
  • Oversee and interject ourselves into the day-to-day management of investments to ensure their strong performance.
  • Communicate regularly and honestly about investment performance.

Vesta Capital Group recognized that our tenants are at the core of our properties’ performance. In recognition of this we:

  • Treat our tenants with respect and dignity.
  • Provide clean, fairly-priced housing.
  • Address tenants’ concerns promptly and with quality solutions.
  • Screen tenants to build safe, family-oriented communities.
  • Improve the aesthetics of our properties to benefit the broader community.


Who We Are

Paul Sammons, Managing Member

Paul is a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, and a managing member of Vesta Capital Group.

Paul currently has a total of 38 units in the Little Rock, Arkansas area under his management valued at $2.6 million. He's an active member of Michael Blank's community of apartment building investors. His roles are to attend conferences, have biweekly conferences with his coach Drew Whitson, provide advice on spreadsheet analysis to Mastermind students, network and create business relationships with regional investors, property managers, real estate brokers, and mortgage lenders; provide consulting services for national investors seeking local market knowledge, and to bring qualified deals and investors to Vesta Capital Group and Nighthawk Equity.


 Vesta Capital Group collaborates closely with other real estate professionals and investors both in Central Arkansas and nationally.